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When I was tasked with creating a website for Meyer Architects, my main goal was to showcase their incredible work in a way that was both visually stunning and minimalist. I wanted the site to highlight the colors of their buildings, so I focused on creating a clean and uncluttered design that allowed their work to shine through.


Meyer Architects


The final product of my work on the Meyer Architects website was a sleek and professional-looking site that effectively showcases their portfolio and services. The minimalist design elements I used ensure that the stunning colors of their buildings really pop. I also made sure that the site was easy to navigate and that visitors could easily find the information they were looking for.


Web Development


The impact of my work on the Meyer Architects website has been significant for both the firm and their clients. By creating a website that effectively communicates the firm's mission and values, I've helped to attract new clients and projects to their business. The site's user-friendly design has also helped to establish Meyer Architects as a leader in sustainable and functional architecture. Overall, I'm proud of the work I did on this project and the positive impact it's had on my client's business.

Exceptional Collaboration

"Working with Alejandro La Moglie and his team at Immigration Argentina was a great experience for Meyer Architects. They provided valuable guidance throughout the web design and development process, resulting in a stunning website that accurately represents our business. We were thrilled with the outcome and the efficient communication and collaboration with the team. Highly recommended!"
Vinaye Kalal

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